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Questions tagged [sim-kern]

For works about or related to author Sim Kern. If this is a question about a specific work of theirs, that work should be tagged as well.

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3 votes
2 answers

Is there any significance to the name "friends of Lilith" in Simone Kern's "The Propagator"?

Simone Kern's "The Propagator" is set in a future where abortion is illegal, and anyone who tries it is persecuted for "reproductive crimes". During the story, we learn about the "friends of Lilith", ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Why does the guard call the inmates "girls" in "The Propagator"?

In Simone Kern's short story "The Propagator", there's a line where a prison guard for those convicted of "reproductive crimes" refers to the inmates as "girls": The guard leaned towards me, and ...
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