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Questions tagged [sigmund-freud]

Questions related to the works of the Austrian neurologist Sigmund Freud (1856–1939), founder of psychoanalysis. Freud's relevance to literature is based on the application of psychoanalytic methods to literature, especially in what is known as psychoanalytic literary criticism.

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2 votes
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Did Freud say that Hamlet is overreacting when talking to Queen Gertrude?

I remember as one of the arguments for Hamlet having an unconscious Oedipus complex was that when confronting his mother about her part in his father's death, and accidentally killing Polonius, Freud ...
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7 votes
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What is the Strand Magazine short story Freud summarizes in "The 'Uncanny'"?

Freud's "The 'Uncanny'" (available online at or includes this summary of an unidentified short story: In the middle of the isolation of war-time a number of the ...
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6 votes
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Publications of Freud's psycho-analysis of Little Red Riding Hood

I have heard that Freud wrote at length on the Grimm Fairy Tale: Little Red Riding Hood, highlighting all the suggestive themes and symbolism and "id-like" interpretations. However, I was ...
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16 votes
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Why are Freud and Lacan still seen as important to literary criticism when their theories are discredited?

Literary theory talks broadly about three sources of text: texts themselves, the social context and the author's psyche. In the latter aspect, the ideas of psychiatrists Sigmund Freud and Jacques ...
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