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Questions related to sexuality, including LGBT themes (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender), in works of literature or literary theory.

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Are Frog and Toad more than just friends?

In a 1977 interview with The Lion and the Unicorn, Arnold Lobel said: You know, if an adult has an unhappy love affair, he writes about it. He exorcises it out of himself, perhaps, by writing a novel ...
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Are the homoerotic hints in "La Reine Margot" intentional?

La Reine Margot by Alexandre Dumas can be read as the story of two guys, and their two girlfriends: the alpha couple is Marguerite de Valois (Margot), who's having a passionate affair with the ...
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Was John Lyly's play "Galatea" deliberately "queer", and how was it received at the time?

Galatea is a play by the Elizabethan playwright John Lyly which is thought to have been very influential on the era, sparking the popularity of the cross-dressing/gender reversal themes adopted by ...
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Short story from the 1990s about a transgender Native American in the 1800s

I've been searching for a short story I read, I believe in the early 1990s, where the main character was a Native American (possibly female) with a transgender female friend from the same tribe, and ...
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Is Schloimele gay-coded in Singer's "Schloimele"?

Schloimele, in Isaac Bashevis Singer's short story of the same name, is described as having feminine qualities when he's first introduced: The door opened and a pink-cheeked young man with cherry-...
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How did contemporary female readers respond to the sexual violence in the Contes de la Bécasse?

In Maupassant's short story That Pig of a Morin / Ce cochon de Morin, the narrator, Labarbe, says to a woman he finds very attractive (emphasis mine), Parce que vous êtes une des plus belles ...
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Was Ewing Klipspringer supposed to be a gay character in "The Great Gatsby"?

Was Ewing Klipspringer supposed to be a gay character in "The Great Gatsby"? My theory is that he is gay, considering there is textual evidence, and that he lives in Gatsby's home. Here are ...
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How was "Symptoms of Being Human" received by the queer community?

Symptoms of Being Human by Jeff Garvin tells the story of Riley, and the story of her navigating a new school, people bullying him, and being outed as genderfluid to their family. Recently on Writing ...
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