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For questions about the English author Richmal Crompton (1890-1969), or about any of her literary works, most famously the children's book series Just William.

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"Just William" story in which school choir is mistaken for wolves

I used to have a set of "Just William" audiobooks. One of these was about when William went out for the evening with his school choir or similar, and ended up going into somebody's house, the owner of ...
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"Just William" story where he gets a mouth organ on Christmas Day

I remember listening to a "Just William" audiobook when I was younger about a Christmas Day when he received a mouth organ, and started playing it really early in the morning.
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Were the Just William stories written for adults or children?

Just William is an enduring series of stories about an errant schoolboy from a solidly upper-middle class family in Edwardian England. Due to their subject and humorous nature they are typically ...
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