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Questions related to the representation of reality, especially with regard to human experience, in literature. This includes but is not limited to the realist movement that began in France in the 1850s.

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Did realism stand in opposition to romanticism, and on which particular aspects?

Did Realism stand in opposition to Romanticism, and on which particular aspects? Definition of Realism from realism, in literature, an approach ...
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Was romanticism ambiguous towards realism?

Was romanticism ambiguous towards realism? This paper (Wellek, 1961) synthesizes the view of the German romantic poet and philosopher Schlegel about realism: In the Critique of Judgement (1790) Kant ...
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When Patti Smith describes getting onto a 'Jefferson Airplane' plane/van on Atlantic Avenue is she using realism, metaphor, analogy, or other trope?

In a chapter entitled 'In Search of Imaginos' in her book 'Year of the Monkey', Patti Smith describes herself walking down Atlantic Avenue (presumably in Brooklyn, NY). She writes: [I] walked up the ...
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What was Victor Hugo's attitude towards religion, especially referring to a chapter in "Les Miserables"?

I'm reading "Les Miserables", knowing almost nothing about his author, and I'm now approaching Volume II - Book VII - Chapter VI (The absolute goodness of prayer). Here, Hugo is criticizing ...
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Purpose of realistic literature

In the 19th century, why did literary realism start? I mean it in contrast to romanticism. Why did writers stop to express their ideals and conflicts in their works? I think it might be because none ...
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How autobiographical are Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House books?

The Little House series of books by Laura Ingalls Wilder, including perhaps the most famous Little House on the Prairie, tell the story of her childhood in the American West. How autobiographical are ...
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To what extent did Defoe attempt to apply formal realism in Robinson Crusoe?

I recently finished writing a paper on Robinson Crusoe for my English class on the rise of the novel. We had read the novel concurrently with excerpts from Ian Watt's The Rise of the Novel, in which ...
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Did Shakespeare's audience believe Measure for Measure to be realistic?

In the play Measure for Measure Vincentio, the Duke of Vienna, leaves his city in the charge of a judge while he goes on a "diplomatic mission". It transpires that he has not, in fact, left the city ...
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