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Questions tagged [reading-order]

Questions about the order in which a sequence of related works should be read. In particular, where the chronological order of release may not match the order of events within the related works.

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Is there a canonical order to HP Lovecraft's work?

I've been a big fan of Lovecraft's works of literature and used them as inspiration for a lot of my own writing, but I've been unable to find a proper consensus on how his stories all fit together or ...
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10 votes
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Can I read David Mitchell's books in any order?

Though David Mitchell's novels differ wildly in style and substance, all occur within the same universe, with links between them - some subtle, some very central. I don't think the books are meant to ...
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In what order should I read Greg Iles's books?

What's the chronological order I should read Greg Iles's books with, especially the Mississippi and Penn Cage book series? On one of his interviews he said the following: If you have just read ...
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In what order should I read books by Richard Fox?

Richard Fox is known for his Science Fiction books. I have been bouncing around in his series and am unclear what the order should be. Does anyone know the actual order of his books so that I can ...
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