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Questions about the practice and skill of reading.

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How can I determine if a book should be read superficially?

Mortimer Adler's book How to Read a Book (I have the revised 1972 edition) states: In tackling a difficult book for the first time, read it through without ever stopping to look up or ponder the ...
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How can I get better at remembering the subject in lengthy, complicated passages (poems or otherwise)?

I struggle, especially in poetry and older English books, with comprehension and I think one of the biggest problems is that I lose track of the subject that is in view during long passages that ...
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How to read the "Lilit Phra Lo" (Thai: ลิลิตพระลอ) verses?

How are the "songs" or "verses" (or indented sections) to be read in this Thai epic?
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How to Improve Reading Abilities

I am an adult who struggles with reading. I can fully understand books up to about an eighth grade or high school level (books like Harry Potter, The Great Gatsby, writing of Hemingway, etc...) but I ...
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How do I concentrate while reading a book? [closed]

When reading books I sometimes have trouble concentrating on the book and I can't visualize it. I'm often sitting and reading a book, and while there are details in the book, I can't seem to focus on ...
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