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Questions tagged [race-issues]

Questions related to race, including both racism and its condemnation.

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Account of picking up a black hitchhiker who then wanted to be let out

I remember decades ago reading a book with the following vignette, set in the 60s. The white male narrator is driving through the countryside and picks up a hitchhiking young black man. The rider is ...
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Is "Uncle Tom's Cabin" read in American high schools?

I have read that Harriet Beecher Stowe's work (published 1852) is not encouraged by the educational establishment in the US because of the stereotypes it presents of black people as ill-educated and ...
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How can we approach analyzing Singer's treatment of race in his works?

While reading A Friend of Kafka (1970), a book of short stories by Isaac Bashevis Singer, a few passages struck me as odd, especially concering race (and the use of the word "Negro" in ...
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Book about a white mother who kills her black son (with her other white son)

I remember reading this perhaps during elementary school. While this wasn't the entire plot of the book, one of its major points was a mother who slept with a black man and had a black son. She and ...
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