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For questions about the use of pseudonyms by authors. Use this tag with the tag for the author in question.

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Did Robert Jordan name himself after Hemingway's character?

The fantasy author James Oliver Rigney Jr. chose the nom de plume Robert Jordan for many of his works of literature, including the magnificent Wheel of Time series. I recently read up on Ernest ...
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Why did George Orwell name himself after the River Orwell?

Eric Arthur Blair, author of such famous books as Nineteen Eighty-Four and Animal Farm among many others, used the name George Orwell for his books. From the linked Wikipedia page (cited to Voorhees, ...
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Was the clue to who Panama Oxridge really is ever found?

The Tartan of Thyme series is written by 'Panama Oxridge', a pseudonym. When questioned why they used this pen name the author said: 'Using a pseudonym was partly to distance myself from my ...
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Did Anne Elisabeth Stengl ever write a book under a pen name like she announced that she would? If so, what was it?

Anne Elisabeth Stengl announced in January 2017 that she was writing a new series under a pen name, but refused to disclose what the series was or what the pen name would be. The text of the ...
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