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Also known as "The Inhabited Island" (and rarer, "Dark Planet"), "Prisoners of Power" is a novel by the Strugatsky brothers. Use with the [russian-literature] and [strugatsky-brothers] tags.

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What ticked off Soviet bosses about "Inhabited Island"?

Нет, конечно. Насколько я помню, мы ничего об этом Супермене и не знали тогда. Я уже писал, что Максим был нашим ответом начальству: не хотите серьезной литературы? Пожалуйста! Вот вам залипуха о ...
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What explains Maxim Kammerer's superhuman physical condition in "Prisoners of Power" (aka "The Inhabited Island")?

Throughout the novel, Maxim is shown to have an almost superhuman physical condition, easily performing unthinkable feats, which include, but aren't limited to Being able to run for a very long time ...
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