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For questions regarding politics in literature or concerning literature/literary figures. Please note that general questions about politics that aren't directly tied to literature are off-topic and should be asked on the Politics Stack Exchange site instead.

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Is Mike an anarchist in *The Moon is a Harsh Mistress*?

In the later parts of Robert Heinlein's The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, we find out that Manny and Prof are motivated by their anarchist political beliefs. They argue for these beliefs in the new ...
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Is The Owl Service sexist in its negative portrayals of women?

Alan Garner's novel The Owl Service has a small cast of characters, three of whom are female. On reflection, all three appear to be portrayed in a rather negative light. Alison is something of a ...
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Is "The American Claimant" a veiled take on "The Indian Question"?

Mark Twain's 1892 novel The American Claimant was written very soon after the Wounded Knee Massacre (1890), which was basically revenge for the 1876 Battle of Greasy Grass ("Little Big Horn"). This ...
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Source of alleged San Ignacio of Lyola quote: ‘In a besieged city, all dissent is treason.’

I'm trying to find the source of the quote in the title. This Guardian article from 2021 quotes ‘Hal Klepak, professor emeritus of history and strategy at the Royal Military College of Canada’ as ...
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Is "The Good Work" by Theodore L Thomas a commentary on any kind of real-world society?

While skimming through answered story-identification questions on another SE site to look for good short stories to read, I came across "The Good Work", written in 1959 by the American author Theodore ...
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