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Questions tagged [plato]

Questions about the Greek philosopher Plato (428 or later – 348/347 BC) or his works. Questions about his works should be tagged with [greek-literature].

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English translation of Hermias' commentary on Plato's "Phaedrus"

Does there exist an English translation of the Commentary on Plato's Phaedrus (In Platonis Phaedrum Scholia) by Hermias of Alexandria?
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Is Anathem a version of Plato's Republic?

Is Neal Stephenson's novel Anathem a version of Plato's Republic? Those who have read the novel and have a little Plato will understand why I ask. We often point to Swift as the originator of modern ...
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Allusion to Plato in Fahrenheit 451?

I have been told there is an allusion to Plato in Fahrenheit 451. The name "Plato" is mentioned once, but I don't think it counts as an allusion. He dialled the call on a secondary phone. ...
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What does the riddle at the end of Plato's Republic book 5 mean?

In the latter half of The Republic, book 5, Socrates and Glaucon are discussing the difference between knowledge of things things that exist and ignorance about things that don't exist. They suppose ...
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What did Jefferson intend to say by Plato's "whimsies into the body of artificial Christianity"?

Source: The Well-Educated Mind (2 edn 2016), p. 49 Middle.   If you don't have a reading partner who can meet with you face to face, you can conduct discussions by letter (or email, as long as ...
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Where in the Republic does an Athenian businessman castigate "Socrates for his pursuit of abstract knowledge"?

Source: Intelligence and How to Get It: Why Schools and Cultures Count (2009). p. 49.   Second, the Confucian tradition, of which Japan and Korea are a part, has little use for the idea that ...
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