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Questions tagged [physical-books]

Questions related to books as physical objects, e.g. their size, colors, etc.

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Why do some paperbacks have shortened front covers?

Some paperback editions have a front cover which is a centimetre or two shorter than the actual book. I first noticed this on House of Leaves, where I thought that it's just part of the whole ...
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Why are titles written top to bottom on the spine of English books, while they are written bottom to top on the spine of French books?

I have a bunch of books in French and a bunch of books in English. I mix them all in my bookshelf. But it's very annoying because I have to tilt my head to the right to read English titles, and to the ...
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Why does this Tintin album not have a printing number?

Why does this French Tintin book (Tintin et les Picaros) not have a printing number? Update: After talking with someone who lives in France they said to have a look at the bottom of either the first ...
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How do I repair warping, creasing, and lamination separation on a paperback's covers?

I just purchased a new paperback, shipped from China. Unfortunately, it made the journey in only a layer of bubble wrap and a plastic-bag mailer, so it arrived damaged: the whole book has a wave ...
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Name of purple hardcover book covered in a soft fabric with fables, fairy tales, or similar stories

I remember being gifted as a child some kind of hardcover book that had a purple colored soft-touch cover; I think it was some kind of fabric. There was also a purple ribbon as bookmark. I think it ...
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Are there any scholarly analyses of the covers of Penguin Classics, Oxford Classics, etc.?

This question is about the covers of Penguin Classics, Oxford Classics, and other classics publishers that use details of pre-existing paintings and illustrations for their covers. Certain classics ...
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