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Questions about the French author and poet Paul Verlaine (1844 –1896) and his works. He published works such as the collection of poetry 'Fêtes galantes' (1869), the volume of literary criticism 'Les Poètes maudits' (1884 and 1888) and autobiographical works such as 'Confessions' (1895). Use this tag with the [french-literature] tag.

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2 Related Poems by Rimbaud and Verlaine

I'm looking for two poems by Rimbaud and Verlaine. They escape to Belgium together, went to a town party, and both wrote a poem about the event. Verlaine was really straightforward, and classical. ...
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What exactly are masques and bergamasques?

In Verlaines's "Claire de Lune" he speaks of: Que vont charmant masques et bergamasques They play musical instruments, so one assumes them to be musical artists, but what exactly are masques and ...
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