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Questions related to the cycle of novels by Sergei Lukyanenko that started with Night Watch (1998) and continued with Day Watch, Twilight Watch, Final Watch, New Watch and Sixth Watch. Use this tag with the [sergei-lukyanenko] and [russian-literature] tags.

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Why do the Watches bother with anything if the whole system is designed to be balanced?

The basis of the interactions between the Watches seems to be to keep the balance in their powers: whatever one side does, it must allow the other to counteract. Thus the Night Watch/Inquisition/Day ...
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What's the difference between a Higher One and a Great One?

In Sergei Lukyanenko's Watch series, there are several different "grades" of magical power, from seventh-grade all the way up to first-grade and then beyond. As I understand it, everyone above first-...
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Political allegory in Lukyanenko's Watch series?

The Watch series by Sergei Lukyanenko describes the often bloodless struggle between the Night Watch and the Day Watch. It's a sort of cold war in which each side is only permitted to attack members ...
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