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Questions about the American writer and game designer Neal Stephenson (born 1959) and his works.

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Is Anathem a version of Plato's Republic?

Is Neal Stephenson's novel Anathem a version of Plato's Republic? Those who have read the novel and have a little Plato will understand why I ask. We often point to Swift as the originator of modern ...
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Why didn't they harvest more genetic information?

In Seveneves by Neal Stephenson, towards the end of part II, the human race is reduced to 7 people (all women) who contrive to rebuild the human race by use of parthenogenesis. Due to various mishaps (...
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What is the origin of including formulas in a literary text?

One of the most striking things about Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson was the fact that the novel's text was full of mathematical formulas. In some ways, this approach resembles, for example, ...
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