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For questions about the literary aspects of myths and legends.

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Who or what is 'our God' in Swinburne's 'Ave atque Vale'?

The following is a bonus question to "Who is the 'pale Titan-woman' in Swinburne's 'Ave atque Vale'?", which I was advised to separate into its own question. The twelfth verse of 'Ave atque ...
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In The Master and Margarita, who is Koroviev and what is the nature of his sin?

This question involves minor spoilers for The Master and Margarita by Bulgakov. Koroviev is one of Woland's entourage, and ostensibly serves as his translator. However, unlike the other characters ...
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Symbolism in the final lines of Yeats' Song of Wandering Aengus

Yeats' early poem The Song of Wandering Aengus is a poetic retelling of a famous Irish myth as I explored in this question. It's also a metaphor in which Aengus' quest for his fae lover is compared to ...
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Name for a fictional or mythological character who doesn't suffer personally, but whose family and friends all do?

I feel like this must be a character archetype or mythological figure, but can't find any references to it. In my mind, it's something like Cassandra knowing the future but not being believed; this ...
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Is there specific mythological significance to the Dingli Cliffs?

The poem "Cliffs" ("Irdumijiet") is part of a collection available online by the Maltese-Canadian writer, poet, and academic professor John P. Portelli. Written in 1973, and found ...
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English standard of the (Prose) Edda?

Gustav Schwab‘s Gods and Heroes of Ancient Greece (OT: Die schönsten klassischen Sagen des Altertums) is at least to the German audience the encyclopaedia of Roman and Greek mythology (despite its ...
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Is there a complete anthology of the Fenian Cycle?

Is there a book that contains English translations of all the prose and poetry in the Fenian Cycle?
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