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The Mysterious Mr Quin is a set of short stories by Agatha Christie featuring Mr Satterthwaite and the eponymous Mr Harley Quin

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Why was "The Love Detectives" not included in Agatha Christie's The Mysterious Mr Quin?

Agatha Christie's The Mysterious Mr Quin, first published in April 1930, included 11 short stories that had appeared in various British and American magazines between March 1924 and October 1929. ...
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What is the source of this quote within Agatha Christie's The Mysterious Mr Quin?

In Agatha Christie's short story "The Face of Helen," Mr Satterthwaite sees an extremely beautiful young woman named Gillian West. His first impression is that she ranks with legends such as ...
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What does "ongtray" mean?

In "The Bird with a Broken Wing," part of Agatha Christie's story collection, The Mysterious Mr Quin, Inspector Winkfield tells Mr Satterthwaite: Must find out what terms they were on. That’s ...
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