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"Michael Field" was a joint pseudonym used by English verse dramatists Katharine Bradley (1846–1914) and Edith Cooper (1862–1913). Use this tag for questions regarding the author(s) or any of their works, with the appropriate work tag for long works or the [poetry] tag for short poems.

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Which poet explained 'why sweet Hesper glows'?

I came across a rather good poem by Michael Field (actually a pseudonym for an incestuous aunt-and-niece literary double act) the other day, which begins 'Adown the Lesbian vales'. It's just a bit too ...
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Michael Field’s ‘To Christina Rossetti’

‘Michael Field’ was a joint pen-name used by Katharine Bradley and Edith Cooper. Their elegy ‘To Christina Rossetti’ (1896) was written after Rossetti’s death in 1894. Lady, we would behold thee ...
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