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For questions about "Master and Margarita", the novel by Mikhail Bulgakov. Use with the [russian-literature] and [mikhail-bulgakov] tags.

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Is there a meaning to Koroviev 's nickname?

In Master and Margarita, Koroviev (or Korovyev) is part of Woland's entourage. In various scenes, he is called by his nickname - Fagot: The magician sat down. ' Tell me, my dear Fagot,' Woland ...
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How did Pilate order Judas' death in Master and Margarita?

After several reads I am still struggling to understand the events around Judas' death in the Pilate story. On the face of it, the following things occur: Pilate has dinner with Aphranius (head of ...
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Why does the narrator of "Master and Margarita" say that Caribbean are fiction?

Bulgakov describes the appearance of the Archibald Archibaldovich (chief of the security of the MASSOLIT restaurant) in quite a peculiar way: At midnight there appeared a vision in this hell. On ...
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Did Pilate have a vision of Woland/Satan?

In "Master and Margarita", after hearing from Berlioz that Jesus was a fictional character, Woland starts to describe the meeting between procurator Pilate and prisoner Yeshua Ha-Notsri, saying that "...
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