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Questions tagged [marcel-proust]

For questions about the French author Marcel Proust (1871–1922) or about any of his literary works, most famously the long novel "À la recherche du temps perdu", translated as "In Search of Lost Things" or "Remembrance of Things Past".

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6 votes
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Where in "À la recherche du temps perdu" does the main character indicate that he would be named after the author?

Over the years, people have asked me whether the main character of Remembrance of Things Past has a name. It is some forty years since I read it. I thought I read somewhere in the three volumes that ...
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Meaning of Proust's "Real life, life at last laid bare and illuminated ... is literature"

Marcel Proust writes in The Past Recaptured (English translation by Andreas Mayor, 1970): Real life, life at last laid bare and illuminated—the only life in consequence which can be said to be really ...
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How much of “À la recherche du temps perdu” is autobiographical?

To what extent is it an account of Proust's own life? How much is made up? With so much detail (it's thousands of pages long), and knowing a little bit about the life of the author itself, it'd be ...
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What was Proust's influence on Miroslav Krleža?

Miroslav Krleža was one of the most important 20th-century Croatian authors. The Wikipedia article about him lists several influences on his work, including "key authors like (...) Proust". ...
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What is Proustian prose?

I was reading an article about the late Gene Wolfe which called him "the Proust of Science Fiction". Specifically: His four-volume masterpiece The Book of the New Sun (of which The Shadow of the ...
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What is "Protean Ubiquity" in Proust's "Swann's Way"?

I have started reading Proust's Swann's way. On page 66 the narrator, after providing a very vivid description of aunt Leonie's house and its atmosphere, describes her state. She has gradually left ...
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Why does the narrator quote a letter by a young footman near the end of Le Côté de Guermantes?

Near the end of Le Côté de Guermantes, the third volume of Proust's À la recherche du temps perdu, comes back from a visit to baron de Charlus and finds a letter by a young footman to a friend lying ...
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Why is the last title in Proust's "Search For Lost Time" not consistently translated as "Time Found Again"?

Marcel Proust wrote a seven-volume French novel called A la Recherche du Temps Perdu. The original French title of the last volume was Le Temps Retrouvé. It seems to me that in these titles Proust ...
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Can I read the second book of "In Search of Lost Time" out of order if I can't find a good translation?

I want to read the In Search of Lost Time series out of order, because there is no good translation of the second book in my language. Is it necessary to read the book series in order? Are they ...
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