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Questions about the works of the Belarusian Soviet journalist, poet and translator Maksim Tank (Belarusian: Максiм Танк, 1912–1995) or his life as a writer.

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Why did Maksim Tank's sun dial use his own shadow?

Maksim Tank's poem The Sun-Clock describes his sun clock as "remarkably accurate". However, he further states that When someone asks me "What o'clock is it?" I stop, Like my ...
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1 answer

Did Maksim Tank go to prison?

The poem I am glad to be a man by Maksim Tank includes these lines: Only I, having lived through a past Of prison, hard frost, loss of freedom, Villages ruined to ash... Is Maksim Tank talking about ...
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Why did the war-trenches get leveled over with sand?

The Belarusian poem It would be well by Maksim Tank (which was written in the aftermath of brutal fighting in Belarus during WWII) included the following line: The winds level over our war-torn ...
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