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Questions about the Portuguese poet Luís Vaz de Camões (1524 or 1525–1580), or his life as a writer. He is considered the greatest Portuguese-language poet, and his best-known work, "Os Lusíadas" ("The Lusiads"), is held as Portuguese's national epic. Use with [portuguese-literature]

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Since when do the Portuguese regard The Lusiads as their national epic?

According to Wikipedia, Os Lusíadas is often regarded as Portugal's national epic, much as Virgil's Aeneid was for the Ancient Romans, or Homer's Iliad and Odyssey for the Ancient Greeks. The ...
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How does ancient Greek polytheism fit with Christianity in The Lusiads?

The Lusiads (Os Lusíadas), considered the national epic of Portugal, was written by Luís Vaz de Camões during the 16th century, a period in which the Spanish and Portuguese Inquisitions were menacing ...
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