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Questions about the works of the poet George Gordon, 6th Baron Byron, better known as Lord Byron (1788 – 1824), or his life as a writer.

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What is a Byronic Hero?

I just saw this post: Was Heathcliff intentionally made a Byronic Hero? Not being familiar with literary terminology, I have no idea what a Byronic Hero is. I had read Wuthering Heights long ago (it ...
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What sources influenced Byron's "Fragment of a Novel"?

Lord Byron's "Fragment of a Novel" is an unfinished story about a vampire. (It's not clear from the story that the man is a vampire, but at least according to this site, Byron said that the man would ...
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Was Heathcliff intentionally made a Byronic Hero?

It is often said that Heathcliff makes for the perfect example for a Byronic Hero. Did Emily Brontë purposely write him that way?
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What is the rhythm of the line 'I want a hero, an uncommon want'?

What is the rhythm of the following line from the start of Byron's Don Juan? I want a hero: an uncommon want, Is it iambic or trochaic? It's a tetrameter and not a pentameter that I am aware of. ...
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