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Questions related to the area of studies known as library and information science or LIS.

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A website to see the complete list of titles under which the book was published

There are many "old" books that are known by different titles. For example, La Mule sans frein (English: The Mule Without a Bridle), which is also known as La Demoiselle à la mule (English: ...
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Finding ISBN of books on Goodreads

With the new page, I find it pretty difficult to find ISBN information about books. ISBN gives you some idea when and where it was published, published. But now that the information is not there, it ...
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Author - Title vs Title - Author when referring to a work

Is there a convention on whether to place the title of a work or the author of a work first when referring to the work? I'm thinking mostly for titling notes/files on the work, or for categorizing ...
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How do you report stolen library books to the library?

How do you report a stolen library book to the public library? Can you track stolen books so that the library can get them back? I had a book bag containing some library books stolen recently. It's ...
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What is the Magazine Equivalent of ISBN?

I’m trying to catalog all my books and magazines so I can at a glance know what I have, and don’t have. I’m working on the magazines at the moment and noticed that they don’t have ISBN numbers. Do ...
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What is the UDC number for uchronia?

What number should uchronia, ie fiction concerning a 'hypothetical or fictional time period of our world, in contrast to altogether-fictional lands or worlds' (Wikipedia), have in the Universal ...
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Oldest children’s library in America?

I’ve already asked about the oldest free public library: now what’s the oldest children’s library in America?
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Does the "Little Free Library" program actually provide access to books to low income communities?

Little Free Library is an organization that builds and distributes miniature libraries that can hold, I would guess about twenty books each. Here's a picture of one from Wikimedia Commons: The Little ...
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Why are comic books listed under PN ("general literature"), and not under authors' respective categories in Library of Congress system?

After starting university and going to the library for some time, I noticed a peculiar thing: comics seem to be grouped under PN irrespective of their authors' general grouping. Take The Sandman ...
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