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Questions about the British author Len Deighton (actually Leonard Cyril Deighton, born 1929) and his works. He is best known as an author of spy novels (e.g. his debut 'The IPCRESS File', 1962).

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4 votes
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Why is Len Deighton so fond of American English?

I am British and have lived in Britain my entire life. I have never heard anyone refer to an estate car as a “station wagon”. I have never heard anyone refer to a criminal as a “hood”. I have never ...
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5 votes
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What are Len Deighton's political beliefs, if any?

I hate the Communists and the stupid sods in this country who play their game and think they are just being 'caring, sharing, wonderful people'.…I've seen them back where they came from, back ...
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