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Questions about the American comic strip 'Krazy Kat' by George Herriman, which ran in American newspapers from 1913 to 1944. Use this tag with [george-herriman] and [comics].

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What is the subtextual meaning of the kittle vs kettle in Krazy Kat on 1918-10-03 - Friday?

I'm trying to guess at the implied meaning of the conversation in this Krazy Kat daily strip from 1918-10-03: Ignatz: For goodness sake, Krazy, don't call a 'kettle' a 'kittle'. Krazy: What must I ...
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How do Pupp's remarks connect with Krazy's in Krazy Kat, 25 July 1936?

This question is about the same Krazy Kat strip (25 July 1936) as in Krazy language in Krazy Kat, 25 July 1936, in which Krazy is making a lot of classical references and Pupp is responding: Krazy: ...
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Krazy language in Krazy Kat, 25 July 1936

The eponymous hero (or heroine) of George Herriman's Krazy Kat cartoons uses a very peculiar language. Most of the time, it's simply phonetical and is easy to understand, but in the strip that ...
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