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Questions tagged [koran]

Questions about the Koran or Quran, the central religious text of Islam, which was written in the first half of the seventh century CE. Should be tagged with [arabic-literature].

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How long did it take a scribe to manually copy the Quran before the invention of printing?

According to the article Your Copy of the Quran Was Probably Written by this Man (undated), A Mushaf usually requires more than 3 years to write a Quran and an additional year to proofread it. This ...
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Why is the Quran said to be the most beautiful Arabic literature?

Various sites on the Internet claim that the Quran is the most beautiful book written in the Arabic language, e.g. on Blogspot and a chapter from the course Keane World Religions on Course Hero. The ...
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Is it a widespread tradition to inscribe family trees in the back of holy books?

I was reading Shame (1983) by Salman Rushdie, and came to this sentence. Lost in the forest of new relatives, wandering in the bloodjungle of the matriarchal home, Bilquis consulted the family Quran ...
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Are modern editions of the Koran still written in the original form of Arabic?

The Koran, the most important sacred text of Islam, was originally written in Arabic, and some Muslims argue that it should only be read in Arabic, as translating it to other languages would mar the ...
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