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For questions about the life of and works by Khamoshi Shayari, an Indian poet. Should be tagged with the [poetry] tag.

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What is the meaning of this sher?

hamla hai chaar sū dar-o-dīvār-e-shahr kā sab jañgaloñ ko shahr ke andar sameT lo حملہ ہے چار سُو در و دیوارِ شہر کا سب جنگلوں کو شہر کے اندر سمیٹ لو Source I get the meaning of each ...
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What is the meaning of the second line of this sher?

asar bhī le rahā huuñ terī chup kā tujhe bhī kartā jā rahā huuñ I'm researching on Urdu shayars and it's a part of my assignment to collect 500 urdu shers with their meaning. The original ...
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