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Questions about the works of Auguste-Jules Richepin, usually known as Jean Richepin (1849 - 1926) and his life as a writer. Use this tag with the tag [french-literature].

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3 votes
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Did Maupassant and Richepin know each other?

One of the first questions in the Guy de Maupassant reading challenge was Political backdrop to “The Lancer's Wife” (Franco-Prussian War)?. After I was unable to find the story in French, it turned ...
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3 votes
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Political backdrop to "The Lancer's Wife" (Franco-Prussian War)?

"La Uhlane" is a short story by Jean Richepin, whose English translation "The Lancer's Wife" was erroneously attributed to Guy de Maupassant in the Walter Dunne edition of Maupassant's works. It ...
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