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Questions about the works of the French novelist, playwright and philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre (1905-1980) or his life as a writer. Questions about his philosophy should usually be asked on Philosophy Stack Exchange unless they pertain to understanding an aspect of one of his literary works. Use this tag with the [french-literature] tag.

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Why did "the human race became a small committee surrounded by affectionate animals" for Sartre in the Words?

What is Sartre's metaphor meaning in the Words when saying : "The human race became a small committee surrounded by affectionate animals." The context is when he begins to become familiar ...
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Sartre on amorality and his influence on Vargas Llosa?

I noticed Vargas Llosa credits Sartre with his characters being amoral. I'm wondering when does Sartre write about amorality? About characters not facing repercusions for their amoral acts. I'm very ...
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Where did Camus call Sartre's theory of commitment an illusion?

Albert Camus "is routinely categorized as an existentialist, a term he rejected on several occasions" (Wikipedia). His critique of existentialistm focused mostly on Sartre. Alain Vircondelet'...
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