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Questions about the works of the British novelist Jasper Fforde (born 1961) and his life as a writer.

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Does Jasper Fforde intend a sequel to Shades of Grey?

The novel Shades of Grey has a subtitle, The Road to High Saffron, though neither the US nor the UK editions include that on the cover. The book ends in a way that hints at a follow-up. But his web ...
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Is the cliffhanger at the end of "First among sequels" resolved?

The book "First among Sequels" ends on a cliffhanger. The protagonist, Thursday Next, has to run for her life, to escape an impending fire. The next book in the series, "One of Our Thursdays is ...
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Why does Miss Havisham drive fast cars?

In Jasper Fforde's "book world," Miss Havisham is a speed demon who races cars with Mr. Toad. This seems... out of character, based on my understanding of her. Is it just funny because it's ...
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Why is Daphne Farquitt never seen?

In the Thursday Next series, there is an author named Daphne Farquitt. She is a prolific and popular writer, although all her books are pretty much the same unimaginative love stories. (With one ...
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Are there any debated authorship references in Thursday Next series?

Jasper Fforde's Thursday Next series is a sort of fantasy about literature. Much of the story line about the books and literary characters that appear in this series is obviously made up, but there ...
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