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Questions about the American author Walter Braden "Jack" Finney (1911–1995) or his life as a writer. He is best known for his science fiction ("The Body Snatchers") and thrillers, and has written novels, short stories and plays.

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2 answers

In "The Third Level", does the third level really exist or is it a mere hallucination?

In the short story "The Third Level" by Jack Finney, does the third level in the Grand Central Station really exist or, is it just in Charley's imagination? Does Sam Wiener really go to 1894,...
2 votes
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Meaning of "take trains like the Twentieth Century"

In the short story 'The Third Level' By Jack Finney, there is a sentence given as such: I turned into Grand Central from Vanderbilt Avenue, and went down the steps to the first level, where you take ...