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Questions tagged [isaac-asimov]

Questions about the works of the American writer and professor Isaac Asimov (1920 – 1992) and his life as a writer.

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Where did Asimov say this quote, about women becoming lawyers vs doctors or engineers because math was not required?

On the TvTropes page "Everybody Hates Mathematics", in the section of examples from "Real Life", there appears the following excerpt: Isaac Asimov once wrote in an editorial that ...
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What does "Which do you want — the truth or my resignation? I won’t lie for you" in this context from Asimov's book I, Robot indicate?

The politician straightened out of his chair. “Then we shall see what the insides of Mr. Byerley look like. It will mean publicity for U. S. Robots — but I gave you your chance.” Lanning turned ...
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What are the honorary titles assigned by Asimov to various generic people?

In non-fiction works, including introductions to fiction, Isaac Asimov often gave titles to people in certain positions, such as "the Gentle Reader", "the Noble Printer", and &...
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Writing style in Isaac Asimov's short story "Nightfall"

I just finished reading the short story "Nightfall" by Isaac Asimov. For some reason, Asimov's writing style reminded me vaguely of the young adult romance novels I used to read in my teens. ...
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Source of an Asimov quotation about the citadel of truth

Somewhere Isaac Asimov remarks that the citadel of truth can only be breached by a brute-force assault. I would like the exact source of this quote.
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What is the title of the story by Isaac Asimov in which technology advances, with increasing advantage, backwards?

The question says it all. As I recall, part of the plot concerns replacing semi-intelligent military aircraft with human-piloted military aircraft, with much greater performance realization.
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Was Jonas Willard inspired by anyone in particular?

In Isaac Asimov's short story “Gold”, Laborian is clearly a self-insertion of Asimov himself, and the story in the story is Asimov's own book The Gods Themselves. I'm wondering though, what about the ...
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What is Asimov's joke in "Death of a Foy"?

I recently came upon a short story, Death of a Foy (1980), in the compendium The Winds of Change (1983). In the intro, Asimov states that he was "hardly able to stop laughing", but I just can't seem ...
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What evidence was there in "The Naked Sun" to suggest that Baley had feelings for Gladia?

I just finished reading The Robots of Dawn, and was quite surprised firstly when Elijah Baley was excited that he'd visit the world Gladia was on, and secondly when at the end of the novel he calls ...
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How many works of Robert Silverberg's were based on Asimov's stories?

It's well known that Silverberg wrote novels based on some of Asimov's stories. For example, The Child of Time was based off of The Ugly Little Boy, and Nightfall was based off the Asimov story of ...
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Is there any evidence that Theremon 762's name was based on a theremin?

In Isaac Asimov's novel and short story (short story later expanded) Nightfall, there's a character named "Theremon 762". The whole novel is about darkness and innate fear, and a theremin, a type ...
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11 votes
4 answers

Is there a central theme in I, Robot?

In the book I, Robot by Isaac Asimov, the author wrote several short stories, all usually revolving about robots of different types. It's possible to interpret the short stories with many different ...
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