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Questions about the novel Inferno (2013) by Dan Brown. Use this tag with the [Dan-Brown] tag.

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Do the new characters ever wonder about olders muses of Robert Langdon?

I was reading The Origin by Dan Brown, and wondered if Ambra Vidal ever thought about whatever happened to Sienna Brooks - Langdon's muse from Inferno? Or Sienna must have vetted Langdon knowing his ...
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What does “Until a man is nothing, God can make nothing out of him” mean?

I came across the following passage in Dan Brown’s fiction, “Inferno”: [...] their physical being and cosmic importance shrinking to the size of a mere speck in the face of God … an atom in the ...
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What is the real "Consortium" as mentioned in Dan Brown's Inferno?

On the "FACT" page of the book Inferno by Dan Brown: "The Consortium" is a private organization with offices in seven countries. Its name has been changed for considerations of security and privacy....
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