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For questions about illustrators of works of literature as defined by the Help Center.

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What were the dimensions of the original Doré set for Paradise Lost?

From Wiki sources here and here I have found that the Doré set was made up of 50-60 plates. However, neither reference mentions the original size of these works. Ideally I'd like to find the exact ...
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Is it common practice for cover art to be designed without direct input from the author?

in the last day or so there's been something of a furore over Terry Goodkind's public criticism of the cover art on his latest novel, Shroud of Eternity. He made a post on Facebook ridiculing the ...
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Why don't the modern printings of Campion novels use the original artwork?

Youngman Carter painted beautiful bespoke art for the covers of Margery Allingham's mystery novels, and his style became associated with her work. Why don't the modern reprints of the Campion novels ...
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Who illustrated "Exotic Zoology"?

I love the illustrations in Willy Ley's Exotic Zoology, which appear to be line art. Sadly my copy is a battered library-discard; either the front matter never attributed the artist or it was on a ...
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