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Questions tagged [hungarian-language]

Questions about works of literature that were originally written in the Hungarian language, regardless of whether they were written or published in Hungary or elsewhere.

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6 votes
1 answer

What is the metrical style of Hungarian poetry?

While reading about Hungarian poetry, I came across the claim that: pure syllabic/quantitative metre is very rare = Hungarian, Greco-Roman ‘időmértékes’ metre I don't know what "pure syllabic/...
5 votes
0 answers

Was the end of the censorship of Magda Szabó's work directly related to events in 1956 or the Hungarian Thaw?

The Wikipedia article about Magda Szabó says, In 1949 she was awarded the Baumgarten Prize, which was immediately withdrawn when Szabó was labeled an enemy to the Communist Party. (...) The Stalinist ...
3 votes
1 answer

Where can I find Magda Szabó's tribute to Tibor Szobotka?

Magda Szabó, according to many, many sites, wrote a tribute to her husband, Tibor Szobotka, a writer and translator of Tolkien and Galsworthy who died in 1982. Unfortunately, searching for ...