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Questions about works of literature that were originally written in Hindi. Hindi is one of the official languages of India.

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Hindi short story where a painter makes a painting of his dying son

I read a Hindi short stories book around at least 8-10 years ago. One of the stories I still remember (some of it), as I found it very strange/disturbing. I remember some of it, but want to read the ...
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Lack of Proper Ending in Stories by Old Indian Authors

I have read quite a few stories by old Indian authors who wrote in Hindi and Urdu in the early twentieth century. I noticed a trend of them not completing their stories or providing an ending and ...
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Who does this Urdu proverb originate from?

First let me try my best to transliterate the Urdu version of the quote in question: Insaan ho, to kisi ke kaam ao; warna khao, pio aur chale jao. A rough translation would be something like: If ...
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