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Questions about the works of Henrik Ibsen (1828-1906), the Norwegian playwright, director, and poet, or his life as a writer. Questions about his works (originally written in Scandinavian languages) should be tagged with [scandinavian-languages].

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Did Ibsen have any known response to Shaw's Quintessence of Ibsenism?

George Bernard Shaw's The Quintessence of Ibsenism was first published in 1891, fifteen years before Ibsen died in 1906. Shaw was Ibsen's most fervent champion in England, but his essay perhaps tells ...
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Was Agatha Christie's short story "Magnolia Blossom" inspired by Ibsen?

In both incident and theme, Agatha Christie's short story "Magnolia Blossom" has several parallels with Henrik Ibsen's A Doll's House. In Christie's story, Theodora Darrell is on the point ...
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Is the title best translated "A Dollhouse", "A Doll House" or "A Doll's House"?

In the foreword to his translation of Henrik Ibsen's plays, Rolf Fjelde explains that the title of the 1879 play is A Doll House: There is certainly no sound justification for perpetuating the ...
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Is the ending of A Doll's House satisfactory and moral?

I have read Henrik Ibsen's play A Doll's House. What mostly moved me is its ending! Though it was not something possible in that period and led to debates and controversies, I feel like there was no ...
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Was Ibsen really so influential in the history of theatre?

One passage of Ibsen's Wikipedia page reads as follows: Ibsen had completely rewritten the rules of drama with a realism which was to be adopted by Chekhov and others, and which we see in the theatre ...
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What did Peer Gynt look like?

Is there a good description of the physical looks of Peer anywhere in the play Peer Gynt? I assume he looked like the "default" for "adventurer" types. (I automatically think of ...
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What character traits define Ibsen’s Brand?

(I am not asking this for a school assignment. I’m not in school.) I have not read Brand carefully. I want an introductory sense of if the content of the play accords with my understanding so far. I ...
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What is the main idea of Ibsen's Ghosts, and what does the ending of the play mean?

What is the main idea of Ibsen's Ghosts, and what does the ending of the play mean? Some comments said that Osvald inherited the disease from his father. But Ghosts was a play that is a sacarsm of the ...
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Why is Hedda unable to free herself from the constraints of domesticity, while Thea is able to?

In Hedda Gabler, there exists the character foil of Hedda and Thea. Both of the characters have entered into marriages which have inhibited them from forming a 'free' sense of self and which reduce ...
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Why are Ibsen Dramas in particular mentioned in Reginald?

In Reginald on Besetting Sins: The Woman who told the Truth, Saki writes: [Reginald]: Children are given us to discourage our better emotions. That is why the stage, with all its efforts, can never ...
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Did 'A Doll's House' spark controversy over its dismissal of social classes?

I know the play caused drama over feminist ideas and all, but what about the social structure, such as in the end when Nora ignores Torvald's statement "You don’t understand the society you live in" ...
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How did Ibsen's writing in A Doll's House influence the James Joyce character Molly Bloom?

How did Ibsen's writing in A Doll's House influence the James Joyce character Molly Bloom? Richard Ellmann in his book James Joyce mentions Joyce reading and getting influenced by Ibsen many times: ...
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