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Questions tagged [heinrich-heine]

Questions about the German novelist and poet Heinrich Heine (1797 - 1856), well known for his poetry which was set into Lieder (songs) by famous musicians like Robert Schumann and Franz Schubert. He was the last author of the Romantic era and transformed travel stories and feuilletons into a type of art. Because of his political engagement - Heine was member of the Young Germany movement - and his ethnic background the Nazi regime banned most of his works.


Did Heine write “wo die Blumen sprießen” or “wo die Veilchen sprießen” in Frühlingsbotschaft?

Kling' hinaus bis an das Haus, wo die Veilchen sprießen: Wenn du eine Rose schaust, sag', ich lass sie grüßen. Is the original text "Veilchen spriessen" or "Blumen spriessen"? I have seen both ...

In which year was Frühlingsbotschaft by Heinrich Heine published?

I have been searching the entire internet (or mostly) and can't find when Frühlingsbotschaft by Heinrich Heine was first published. I double-checked and it is not part of his collections Gedichte, ...