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For questions about the 2015 historical musical "Hamilton" by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Not to be confused with the tag [alexander-hamilton], which is for questions about the actual person and his works. Questions about the musical should be tagged with [lin-manuel-miranda].

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How well does the musical "Hamilton" conform to Aristotle's concept of mimesis?

How does the musical Hamilton by Lin-Manuel Miranda reveal Aristotle's concept of mimesis (or imitation, from The Poetics), especially since it is a musical (which isn't very realistic at all?)
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1 vote
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What historical similarities are there to Burr's characterization in "Hamilton"?

In the 2015 musical, Hamilton written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, Aaron Burr serves as the foil to Alexander Hamilton. While Alexander is rash, hasty, and always on the move, Aaron sits back and watches ...
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