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Questions about the works or respective lives of the theatrical partnership Gilbert and Sullivan, which consists of composer Arthur Sullivan (1842-1900) and librettist W. S. Gilbert (1836-1911).

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In "Pirates of Penzance", why do the pirates go on to land after Frederic?

After Frederic meets Mabel and warns the girls of the pirates, the pirates come and try to kidnap the girls. Why did the pirates come on land, and if they were going to go on land why did the Pirate ...
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Is Frederic 21 or 22 in "Pirates of Penzance"?

As we discover in act 2, Frederic has "lived twenty-one years" or "Years twenty-one I’ve been alive". Yet in the opening chorus it states: Two and twenty, now he’s rising, So ...
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Why is Phyllis a "ward of chancery"?

The answer given regarding Wards of Chancery already in a different post covered that wards often came about because of assets and so on, but how does this explain Phyllis's situation in Iolanthe? She ...
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What does it mean to "floor peculiarities parabolous" in conics, from The Pirates of Penzance?

In his song in The Pirates of Penzance, the Major-General states that he can "floor peculiarities parabolous," and do it "in conics." I know our mythic history, King Arthur's and Sir Caradoc's; I ...
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What changes were made to Ruddigore?

So I recently watched a performance of Ruddigore and later read that the second act was almost completely redone and that the overture was changed. However, I cannot seem to find anything regarding ...
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Why are two earls the rankiest of all?

In Iolanthe, by Gilbert and Sullivan, Phyllis sings (after discovering the "betrayal"): So the richest and rankiest of you all My sorrowful heart shall choose. then: I'll be a countess, shall ...
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Was Princess Ida written as a negative commentary on women's education?

One of Gilbert's more controversial librettos is Princess Ida, a story making fun of woman's education. I am asking this question in relation to how Princess Ida should be viewed as a text. If his ...
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What was a "ward in chancery"?

Gilbert often had certain ideas reappear in his various operas. One of these ideas was that of a "ward in chancery." From Pirates of Penzance: MABEL: Hold, monsters! Ere your pirate caravanserai ...
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