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Questions tagged [germaine-de-stael]

Questions about the works of the French woman of letters and political theorist Germaine de Staël, also known as Madame de Staël, (1766–1817) or her life as a writer. Use with the tag [french-literature].

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Was de Staël's On Literature Considered in Its Relations with Social Institutions influenced by late-18th-century German romantics?

In an answer to the question Can formal essays be considered as a literature in strict sense?, I wrote that our current definition of literature reflects a concept of literature that originated in ...
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What is the view on climate by Mme de Staël that Vircondelet is referring to?

In his biography Albert Camus, fils d'Alger ("Albert Camus, son of Algiers", Fayard 2010, Pluriel 2013) Alain Vircondelet describes the strong connection between Camus and Algeria, ...
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