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Questions about works of literature originally written in the Gaelic language.

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The first Manx novel?

Wikipedia claims that Brian Stowell's Dunveryssyn yn Tooder-Folley (The Vampire Murders), published in 2006, was "the first full-length Manx novel". This claim is sourced to a 2006 new ...
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Is there a complete anthology of the Fenian Cycle?

Is there a book that contains English translations of all the prose and poetry in the Fenian Cycle?
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What is the meaning of the Gaelic lines in the song "Tír na nÓg"?

The song "Tír na nÓg", like many of the Celtic Woman songs, is partly in English and partly in Irish Gaelic. Unlike many of those Celtic Woman songs, this one doesn't seem to be based on a ...
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