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For questions about the American author Frank Herbert (1920-1986) or about any of his literary works, most famously the Dune series.

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How relevant is the Atreides' link to Agamemnon in 'Dune'?

I was surprised to notice, when exploring Wikipedia's Epithets in Homer, that Agamemnon's individual epithet (or at least one of them) was "son of Atreus (Ἀτρείδης Atreídēs: also transliterated ...
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Why does Dune have such fundamental changes to major religions?

In the Dune series, various religions have undergone drastic transformations. Judaism seems to be largely "intact," but both Christianity and Islam appear to have been substantially mixed with ...
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18 votes
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Where did the term Kwisatz Haderach in Dune originate?

I've always been curious how names and words are created in literature. Having finished the main Dune books last year, I was thinking how the term "Kwisatz Haderach" came about. Did Herbert make it up,...
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