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Questions related to the works of the French monk, physician, humanist and author François Rabelais († 1553), who is best remembered for his series of novels about Gargantua and Patagruel.

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Why did Urquhart choose "neck of a goose" in his English translation of Gargantua?

In Rabelais' Gargantua, in Chapter 13, we find a discussion on the best means to wipe one's bum. You can find Urquhart's translation here. I am specifically interested in the conclusion: But, to ...
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Why different editions of Rabelais' "Gargantua and Pantagruel" novels contain different texts?

While looking for the original text of Rabelais' novels in French, I found that different editions have significant differences. Let's compare the first sentence in the beginning of the first chapter. ...
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Meaning of the genealogical list in the first chapter of Pantagruel?

Chapter 1 of François Rabelais's novel Pantagruel contains a long list of ancestors of Pantagruel (quoted from the edition on Wikisource, emphasis added): Et le premier fut Chalbroth, Qui engendra ...
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Did "Gargantua and Pantagruel" originally have illustrations?

The Life of Gargantua and of Pantagruel is a series of novels by François Rabelais, originally published in the 16th century. The Wikipedia article notes this about illustrations: The most famous and ...
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Why would birds fall from the sky due to a lack of moisture?

Chapter 2 of François Rabelais's novel Pantagruel contains the following passage (quoted from the edition on Wikisource, emphasis added): Car il ny avoit arbre sus terre quil eust ny feuille ny fleur,...
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Which ancient philosopher claimed that the sea's salinity was connected with the fall of Phaeton?

In Chapter 2 of his novel Pantagruel François Rabelais writes (quoted from the edition on Wikisource) Le philosophe racompte en mouvant la question, pourquoy cest que leau de la mer est sallee ? quau ...
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Concept of pleasure in pedagogy in the time of Rabelais

I am currently writing a paper with 'games' as a subject. One of the axes I am working on deals with games contributing to pleasure in pedagogy, and I intend to use Rabelais' concept mentioned in ...
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