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Questions about the works of the Belarusian poet Francišak Bahuševič (1840–1900) or his life as a writer. Use with the tag [belarusian-literature].

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What was the original rhyming scheme of "Do not shun me..."?

The poem Do Not Shun Me... starts as follows: Do not shun me, my lord, nor recoil Because callouses all my hands cover; For such sis the badget of a hard toil, And will not defile you, no never. 'Tis ...
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What is the significance of the 40-year period referred to in this Francisak Bahusevic poem?

The poem My Pipe by Francisak Bahusevic contains the following lines: Like fish from the river, On the ice a-flapping, Just so I, it happened, Forty years flapped, yearning, Yet knew no returning, ...
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