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For questions about the electronic books as a medium, not for books read in the digital format.

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2 answers

Is there actually such a thing as "OCR-pirated" books?

A recent answer/comment to a different question prompted me to ask this: Why does Tolkien use neither quotes nor cursive writing, and all lower-case, in this specific "quote"? Somebody seems ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Are Gutenberg books illegal to sell in Germany?

I am building an eBook reading service (paid) and I aim to distribute free classics available on Gutenberg Project. I have gone through all Gutenberg terms which allows me to do almost anything, but ...
1 vote
2 answers

Why are some recently published book available on paper format but not on ebook?

I recently came across this promising book and while I did find several online shops who sell it as "paperback", I was unable to find an ebook version of it. Even though the website clearly ...
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Is House of Leaves' ergodicity preserved as a digital text?

I've been trying to read House of Leaves for a couple years now, but don't have the opportunity to sit down with a big physical book for long stretches of time. I do, however, have much more time ...
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