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For questions regarding the life and works of E. E. Cummings (often stylized e e cummings), an American poet, author, and playwright.

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E E Cummings: [may i feel said he] What may parentheses signify?

In the poem [may i feel said he] by e.e. cummings, it has been suggested that it is a dialogue between a male and a female. My interpretation (an obvious one) is the dialogue spans a period of time, ...
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Why is the moon "angry" in e e cummings' "the Cambridge ladies who live in furnished souls"?

The e e cummings poem "the Cambridge ladies who live in furnished souls" mocks the titular ladies for their small-minded domesticity. The last four lines read: .... the Cambridge ladies do not care,...
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Does the poem 'In Just' (e. e. cummings) allude to innocents being led astray by the devil?

In the poem in Just, (1) the balloon man whistles and children come running. On the surface, this could simply be about a man selling balloons and children wanting to buy them. But we know that e. e. ...
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Did Cummings' editors try to fix his works' eccentricities?

E.E. Cummings often wrote with deliberately unconventional spelling and syntax. It was popularly criticised when published; however, did his editors try to "fix" his work before it was published? If ...
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