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Questions tagged [dracula]

Questions related to the 1897 Gothic novel Dracula by the Irish author Bram Stoker. Use this tag with the [bram-stoker] tag.

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Why does Prof. Van Helsing abort his plan to mutilate Lucy's body?

In Chapter 13 of Dracula, after Lucy Westenra has died and they are making funeral plans, Prof. Van Helsing mentions to Jack Seward that he plans to secretly cut off Lucy's head and remove her heart. ...
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Dracula, Chapter 6 - Why are Mina and Lucy suddenly in Whitby?

I'm reading Dracula at the moment for the first time. At the start of Chapter 6, Mina's journal describes meeting up with her friend Lucy in Whitby (a town in the North of England). However, as far as ...
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Dracula Cultural Anxieties

I have a question on Dracula and the Victorian era. I was just wondering to what extent the cultural anxieties of the Victorian age are represented in Dracula?
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What does this sentence mean (from 'Dracula')?

To one thing I have made up my mind: if we find out that Mina must be a vampire in the end, then she shall not go into that unknown and terrible land alone. I suppose it is thus that in old times one ...
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What is the significance of Mr. Swales in Dracula?

Mr. Swales plays a small role, but his interactions with Mina and Lucy seem to suggest a deeper significance. What is the significance of Mr. Swales, if any?
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